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IOC Certification

Drugs in Sport

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Learn from experts in sports medicine, including the most recognized pharmacists of major event organization and scientists in anti-doping.

Focuses on the World Anti-Doping Agency standards.

Excellent introductory course for pharmacists and non-pharmacists.



Pharmacy clinic for university sports

on-site sports pharmacy services

Guide to maintaining an onsite dispensing and clinical pharmacy at a university sports facility.



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specialized medication therapy management for athletes

Recognizing athletes as a subset of the population that often takes more medications and supplements than otherwise healthy patients, and have unique pharmacokinetics and medication needs.



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Comparing lists for banned prescriptions and OTC drugs

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A coordinated effort among pharmacists

ispn online sessions

Introductory Materials

Self-Guided Study, Clinical Application, and Operations Basics for Pharmacists Sliding scale fee may be applied.
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Overview of sports pharmacy resources, reference to courses and additional training and guides to prescriptions. Access to the ISPN forum. Professional consultation available for additional fee.

Professional development guidance

Implementation. Sliding scale fee may be applied.
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Designed by pharmacy experts currently working in sports medicine or research, this session reviews key concepts of clinical pharmacology. Alternative therapeutic options based on WADA Medical guidance documents, along with a brief introduction to concepts of exemption application processes. Option to modify session for your professional goal.

Professional Development Bundle

Implementation Guidance / Professional Consultation. Sliding scale fee may be applied
$Contact Us/ 5 hour and materials

Includes the introductory session, professional development session and additional resources for specialization and comprehensive medication reviews.