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Many examples can be found online. BEWARE of the source.

Not all sports drug information is created equally. Visit our resources for competency and integrity standards.


AntiDoping e-Learning ADeL WADA

International Olympic Committee Drugs In Sport

US AntiDoping Agency HealthPro Advantage

Japanese AntiDoping Agency Sports Pharmacist(R) System

Aspetar Sports Pharmacy

Mississippi Orthopedic Sports Pharmacy Rotations

Sports Pharmacy: Performance Enhancing Drugs, and the Athlete


Blogs and Personal Stories

Mark Stuart and David Mottram Sports Pharmacy

Athena Cannon The Sports Pharmacy Blog

Ali Jawad Blog Interview Role of Sports Pharmacy in AntiDoping

Free Resources


On the Team 2016

How Pharmacists Can Get Involved in Sports Pharmacy 2016


University-based sports pharmacy program 1995

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