Interview with Sports Pharmacists: Ashley Anderson

Clinical pharmacist, Ashley Anderson, works primarily as a hospital pharmacist on most workdays, keeping her clinical skills current by staffing ICU, L&D, ED, and Med/Surg, but has also carved out a special place for her passion of working in anti-doping, preventing inadvertent doping, educating other healthcare providers about sports pharmacy and acting as a preceptor for pharmacy students.

Ashley began working in 2006 for the athlete’s Drug Reference Line, a phone call service originally started with a single pharmacist’s passion for athletes health while he (Jeff Podraza) was interning at the OTC. This call line was later hosted by USADA for their stakeholders. The early days of this position demanded self-directed research, mentoring, networking, and advanced self-training in prohibited substances, the nuances of prescription and non-prescription use / misuse / abuse, specialty pharmacotherapy, exercise pharmacokinetics, regulations, and dietary supplements.

She completed the IOC Drugs in Sport Certification program in February 2019 with the inaugural class.

Currently, Ashley, is involved with the International Sports Pharmacists Network, LLC., provides consultant services on the clinical application of sports pharmacists’ training and educating patients and healthcare professionals one-on-one.

Ashley mentions that she practices pharmacy to look at the whole person’s response to medication. Her goal is to help people wean off medications that are no longer necessary (deprescribing), and she views many medications as a bridge to return to health. Nutrition, maintenance of one’s microbiome, mindfulness and exercise are the first-line treatments, as Ashley notes that only a small subgroup of people need to take supplements– a high risk to patient-athletes because they are unregulated products.